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March 04, 2016


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Anna Prasad

Amazing shawl, I love the yarn you used and the pattern. And you are very lucky to receive such an awesome gift in return!

Cheryl | TimeToCraft

Fabulous. All I can say is that all you knitnight people must have great taste. Love it.


You picked a perfect pattern for your friend. Those squirrel gifts are cute too!


My goodness that's impressive! How on earth did you have the time and mental capacity to make cabled dna whilst battling little sleep and baby brain? I am super impressed, it's beautiful. And your gifts are so perfect for you! Great swap!


Oh and can I add- great photo shoot! Do you have a new awesome dress form?


First of all, be still my science geek heart! I made my Dad (marine biologist and chemist) the DNA scarf for his 70th birthday, loved every minute of making it. That shawl is to die for!!!

Ah, the squirrels. First of all, the art work is genius on the pieces of wood like that. The photo of the trees is breathtaking. As to the squirrel on the left sticking his head out? He looks 3D and would make me jump every time I glimpsed it out of the corner of my eye. But they are so perfectly you that I love them for you!


That shawl is incredible Melissa! I love knitting with DNA on it (I did socks for my mom and loved every minute of it!). And what a great gift in return. Love the idea of the pictures on wood. One of these days I'm going to nail down the root of Kate's aversion to squirrels and I think you and I need to make it a personal challenge to change her mind. I simply do not understand how one can dislike squirrels. She's crazy...

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