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September 12, 2016


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Anna Prasad

Oh gorgeous girls! I love seeing you both back on here. I use feedly for catching up on my blog reading and I really like it. Crocheting and knitting while holding a sleeping baby are almost impossible, but those moments are definitely to be cherished. Xxx


I just use the friends' blogs page on Ravelry. I look in on a couple of other blogs, but mostly it's all Rav-based.
Nice to see the big baby girl! My baby girl is in grade 11 these days, but I do remember naptime... and not always fondly... One wrong move and it's all over.


I use Feedly both on my computer and on my iPod. I like it.

Love the blanket! I have heard of that dot candy before - not something I ever saw on the west coast of Canada growing up.

Great photos :) You really are the selfie queen!


Gorgeous baby snuggles, so delicious! I love your fashionista's tutu and socks. Your blanket is gorgeous.
And the blogs, I am wretched, I don't keep up at all.


Ha ha! Lovely post. Thora looks adorable and very like Lily. Loving how the blanket is turning out. It looks great! Ros x


Glad you figured out a way to check in that was Thora-approved! I LOVE that blanket. So seemingly simple and yet, it's just perfect. And guess what -- after seeing your crocheted blankets and saying I need to learn for what? Years now? I recently bought a Craftsy class to learn crochet which I will start when I get home!! Thanks for the inspiration!

As for keeping up with blogs...when Google Reader shut down, I ended up switching to Inoreader because it most closely resembled GR and frankly, I don't do well with change. That said, I don't know how it does on mobile devices because I don't have any. My mom also uses it on her ipad and it seems to work pretty well.

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